Wetsuits – Should I wear One?

If you have watched people surfing, it seems many of them are wearing wetsuits. What exactly is a wetsuit and when should I wear one? Well a wetsuit is a generic term for an piece of athletic clothing designed to be worn in the water. They can be made out of numerous different types of materials depending on the intended application. All the wetsuits help with keeping your body warm in cooler water or providing abrasion protection.

How Do Wetsuits Work?

All wetsuits generally work the same, they allow a small amount of water to fill the small area between the suit and your skin. This small amount of water is quickly warmed by your body and then continues to act as an insulator against the cooler water you are in. So wetsuits should be tight fitting but not restrictive. The thickness of the suit has a direct effect on the protection it provides.

Wetsuits Provide Protection

You can purchase suits that are more ideal for paddle boarding. Here in Florida in the summer you probably don’t need to wear one. If you do decide to wear a suit when in warmer climates, make sure you don’t overheat. This can lead to dehydration and cramping which can be dangerous. You might want to consider wearing a suit or clothing made to help protect you from the powerful and harmful UV light. If you are not sure, ask us next time you are paddling with us and we can help you choose a suit that is right for you. You can also check out the world leader in wetsuit design by visiting O’Neil’s website here.
No matter if you choose to wear a suit or not, make sure you are always prepared for you next water adventure whether its paddle boarding or kayaking. We look forward to seeing you on the water!