SUP Dictionary

Downwinder: Paddling with a strong wind that pushes the paddler in one direction and does not require returning to the starting point.

Glide: The feeling of standing on a paddle board as it moves through flat water.

Goofy Foot: Paddling or surfing while standing right foot forward and left foot back.

Kook: A paddle surfer or surfer who has terrible form, ignores safety and etiquette rules and who does not realize how bad they are.

Leash: A rope-like device that attaches to the back of a paddle board and a paddler’s ankle that keeps the board from slipping away in rough water should a paddler fall in.

Paddle Fitness: an activity or work out done on a paddle board involving fitness disciplines like Pilates, Yoga, core and strength training with body weight.

PFD: An acronym for professional flotation device such as a life jacket.

Quiver: A collection of stand up paddle boards.

Rails: The curved rim of a paddle board rolled from deck to bottom and nose to tail. It also includes edges of a paddle board where the deck meets the bottom.

Regular Foot: Paddling or surfing while standing with left foot forward and right foot back.

Shaka Sign: A Hawaiian hand gesture that can have several meaning including “hang loose, chill or be laid back.” It is also a sign of positive reinforcement bestowed on someone who did something cool, good or righteous. It can also be used as a hello or goodbye sign or even to say thank you.

Session: Also called “Sesh,” this refers a block of time spent on the water paddling or surfing.

Stand Up Paddle Board: The boards used for Stand Up Paddling or Paddle Surfing. These are also called SUP Board, SUP Paddleboard, Paddle Board, Paddle Surfboard, and YOLO Board.

Stand Up Paddling: Also referred to as SUP, SUPing and Paddle Boarding, this term refers to the activity that involves a person standing while paddling on a body of water of any form.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing: Also known as Paddle Surfing, this is the act of standing on a paddle board while riding or surfing a wave in any body of water.

YOLOing: the same activity as Stand Up Paddling except the acronym YOLO refers to the phrase “you only live once.”