paddle boarding while pregnant

Paddle boarding while pregnant?

A pregnancy doesn’t have to stop your fun with outdoor water sports! Expecting mothers can still enjoy paddle boarding while pregnant  as long as they follow some precautions. Though there is little risk of injury paddle boarding, we advise speaking to your doctor when making a decision regarding you and your babies health and any outdoor activity. This may mean consulting with you doctor before you head to Florida for vacation this winter. Even if you have never done stand up paddle boarding, we offer free lessons with every rental. So lets look at a few questions people are asking.

What are the benefits of paddle boarding while pregnant?

Studies show that active mothers are happier with a healthy lifestyle. Paddle boarding is a low impact sport allowing users to get a great workout, one that is not harsh on the body. Using a safe paddling technique can help relieve many pregnancy related issues such as pelvic girdle pain, back pain, incontinence and other related issues. Other benefits include improved sleep due to physical exertion from paddle boarding. When you are paddle boarding with us here in and around Sanibel Florida, you will really enjoy the clean air and the bright sunshine we enjoy here every day! Before you go out on the water, we go over all the details of paddle boarding, including safety. We then give you a lesson on shore so you are comfortable even before you get on the water.

What should I keep in mind?

Remember not to over do it! Just because you are active and healthy, over doing any exercise while pregnant can cause problems. Try to keep the correct posture and avoid bending over too much. Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated while enjoying all outdoor activities. We do provide water before and after your paddle boarding experience we suggest you bring bottled water or a sports drink to have while on the water. You should also bring sunglasses and sunscreen as well.

Are there any risks to paddle boarding while pregnant?

Every situation and every person is different. In general you should do the same healthy activities you did before you were pregnant. If you were not active much before you were pregnant, and now want to be, take it slow. Talk to your doctor about how to get into a healthier activity without putting yourself or your child at risk. There are risks with everything we do, and paddle boarding while pregnant is no exception. The risk involved is reduced when you follow the suggestions. Being active keeps you healthier, and that is why paddle boarding is an excellent form of exercise while pregnant!