Yoga Paddle Board

6 Yoga Poses for Paddle Board

Maybe you have read an article, or even heard friends talking about it. So can you do yoga poses on a paddle board? The simply answer is yest.Chances are you love yoga and you are wondering about practicing yoga on your paddle board.

Why SUP Yoga is Better than Studio Yoga

  • The unstable board makes SUP Yoga challenging
  • A better workout for your core
  • Better environment, clear thinking
  • The sound of the waves and water can really relax you

6 Yoga Poses for Paddle Board

We don’t suggest you try yoga for the first time on a paddle board. However if you enjoy yoga why not consider practicing on a paddle board? Here are six poses you are familiar with that we enjoy trying.



This is one of the best poses to try to get started. Your spine gets lengthened and helps you to find your balance on the board. Concentrating on breathing and your surroundings help you relax and get started with this new experience of yoga on a paddle board.

full wheel yoga pose

Full wheel

Full Wheel

Gravity works on us all day pulling us down and compacting our spine. This pose really helps to lengthen and stretch the spine. With the added challenge of floating, this one is great.

Crow Pose

crow pose yoga

Crow pose

Want a little challenge? Fortunately a wide base makes this pose a little easier, but it’s still a challenge. The key, as with all these poses is to relax and move slowly and gradually.

Boat pose yoga

Boat pose

Boat Pose

One of the key benefits of paddle boarding is the building of your core. Paddle board involves keeping your balance at all times. This pose especially can help to build and strengthen your core. To make it a little more challenging try straightening your legs and reaching to the sky. You can do it!

Chair Pose

Chair pose

With a few variables in feet width this can be more challenging. With the sense of grounding, this pose can be challenging when you are on a paddle board that can move. Start with your feet a little wider than your hips and as you become comfortable you can bring them closer together, making this move harder.

Warrior 2

Warrior 2

While looking simple, this can be very tricky. The need to keep your balance from such a narrow stance will definitely challenge you. Moving slowing to achieve this pose is key. Not only will you look like a warrior when you master this, but you will feel like one as well.



If you live here in Florida, why not come out and join us on the water? If you are only here on vacation, make sure you make time and plan to visit us. Complete our online reservation request. Southwest Florida offers some of the most scenic areas to paddle board. You never know what animals you might see out on the water. Of course if you hang around until sunset, we can just about guarantee an amazing sunset. We look forward to seeing you out on the water!