Healthy Food

Make Sure You Eat Well!

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Paddle boarding, like most sports activities require energy. You will want to make sure to eat a good meal before spending the day on the water paddle boarding. The question is, what’s a good meal to keep your energy up, and what should be avoided before heading out on the water?   Some people effortlessly drift off to sleep, wake …

Sunglasses on Sand

Protect Your Eyes From The Sun!

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  Florida is beautiful and we have about 365 days of bright sun a year. But with this great weather comes the danger you may not realize for your eyes. UVA and UVB rays are invisible rays contained in the sunlight in Florida, well actually anywhere the sun shines! These rays are what cause us to get sunburn and we …

Mangroves – black and white and sometimes red

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When you are out on the water here in Florida, more than likely you are looking at the birds fish and possibly a manatee. However the single most important part of the Florida natural habitat may go unnoticed. Mangrove trees, sometimes simply called the mangroves are an integral part of the Florida ecosystem. First lets quickly look at the 3 …

SUP – Coast Guard Safety Rules

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Paddle boarding is a fast-growing hobby for enthusiasts across the country, and it’s not hard to figure out why. It’s offers great views unavailable from shore, it allows exploring in areas that otherwise might be out of reach, it’s great exercise, and it is just a lot of fun! But, like all other aquatic recreational activities, a certain amount of …